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Of Course Beyonce Would Get Her Own ‘Jeopardy’ Category

First her husband's name popped up on the show, then Beyonce did one better. In a last night's (Nov. 11) episode of Jeopardy,…


‘Jay Z’ Was The Final Answer On Jeopardy This Week

Jeopardy has been showing hip-hop some love in the past couple months, and last night they made Jay-Z the esteemed final answer. The question referenced…


Alex Trebek Raps Classic Verses On Jeopardy

Somebody has to get Trebek a record deal, or at least on a mixtape skit.


Cam’ron Question Featured on Recent Episode of Jeopardy

Diplomats CEO Cam'ron is making headlines again, but this time its not for any new music. The Harlem rap star was recently mentioned on the…

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Alex Trebek Injured While Chasing Burlgar From Hotel Room

Alex Trebek got his Chuck Norris on for a brief moment, when he chased after a burglar who broke into his hotel room. The 71-year-old…