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Fly Or Fail: Jessica Alba Hits The NYC Streets

Although, the starlet hasn't been on our radar since her hip hop dancing debut in Honey, Jessica Alba turned heads this week in NYC…


National Left Handers Day: 17 Vixens That Are Left-Handed

Today another interesting holiday is celebrated, National Left Handers Day. Growing up left-handed in school was a major discomfort. Certain desk made…


Jessica Alba Covers Glamour’s June Issue

  Jessica Alba has come a long way in the decade since portraying a virtuous video vixen in 2003's hip hop…


Baby Bump Bombshells: Celebrities That Have Covered Magazines While Pregnant

While many expecting moms are self-conscious about the physical changes a pregnancy can trigger, some embrace it. And then there are those precious…


Female Celebrities With More Than 5 Tattoos

Being tatted up is a growing trend among women celebrities. Whether they keep them small  like Rihanna or huge ones  Angelina Jolie, the tat…


16 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Black

Celebrities seem to be keeping more and more to themselves about their personal life. It seems as though the issue of race and/or ethnicity has…


Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Twins

They say everyone in the world has a look-a-like out there. Either you're a genetic twin or you have uncanny resemblence to a stranger.


Style Stalker: Jessica Alba Rocks “Boom” Sweater During NYFW

Jessica Alba is a reserved fashionista. But recently the actress ditched her skirt and blouse for an oversized sweater at the Phillip Lim…


Fly or Fail? Jessica Alba Rocks Retro Swimsuit

On Monday (June 10), Dear Eleanor actress Jessica Alba shared a photo of her on set rocking a retro swimsuit. She paired the orange,…


5 Beauty and Fashion Trends So Far in 2013

We all know beauty and fashion trends are here today and gone tomorrow, but these five trends have been able to stand the…


5 Celebrity-Approved Food Habits to Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

Having healthy habits is easier said than done for some. It turns out to be more of a mind struggle than actually executing the physical…


How to Incorporate Award Season Style Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Award season may only last for a few months, but award style is all year round. Award nominees and attendees wear colors, jewelry,…


TGIF: Top Instagram Flicks of the Week!

It must have been celebrity friendship week as many of the usual Instagram suspects were caught mingling in front of the cameras! From…


Jessica Alba Tweets Star-Studded Photo with Nas, Kelly Sawyer and Nicole Richie

While intermingling in the entertainment industry is nothing new, it's still a sight to see when the unlikeliest celebs get together.


Jessica Alba Tweets Pictures Of Family Vacation

"Happy to be here." That's what Jessica Alba tweeted following the above picture of her and the family vacationing in Italy. Alba sent…


Celebs ‘Out And About’ This Week: Jay Z, Neyo and Queen Latifah

Jay Z in NYC first pictures after baby Blue Ivy Carter is born Date of Picture: 01/19/2012 Picture by: Splash News…

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Jessica Alba Asks About Pregnant Sex, Learns The Cervix Is Smiling

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