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The 5 Best Kanye West Rants Ever

This week Kanye West released his sixth solo LP Yeezus, but the Chicago-bred rapper's rise to rap holiness hasn't been all that angelic. VIBE…


Kanye West: 5 Highly Artistic Videos From Yeezus Christ Himself

Sometimes his videos start a party; other times they cause seizures. Kanye West, hip hop’s resident art nerd, has crafted a sizable niche for himself…


Kanye West Gears The World For Second Wave of Projection Locations

From New Zealand to Miami, Kanye West is planning for a second weekend of projections as he tweeted a list of new locations this afternoon.


Kanye West Gets Lost in Nature at Atlantic City Concert (VIDEO)

Kanye West got all National Geographic on his audience at the first of a three-night stint at Atlantic City's Revel. Gorgeous, expansive images pulled from…