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Kat Stacks to Be Deported, Mother Asks for Help

After spending two years in a Louisiana jail, Kat Stacks is set to be deported back to her native country of Venezuela.


The Verdict Is In! Judge Orders Kat Stacks OUT! (Of The US)

Looks like we'll finally be able to rid our lives of the infamous Kat Stacks (Yo Soulja Boy, you can wipe that sweat off your…


Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy: Top 10 Gold Diggers & Groupies Of All Time

Ladies is pimps too! Our friends at Baller Alert took a moment to countdown the top 9…


Top Dog? 6 Reasons Bow Wow Deserves Props

1) He's been rapping since he was three years old. It's easy to make jokes about the fact that Bow Wow used to have…


Rumor Control: Jeremih x Kat Stacks, Kanye West Opens Up, Kim & Reggie Bush Back Together?

Mr. Undercover Boris Kodjoe owes Uncle Sam $230K in back taxes. [Bossip] Mary J. Blige covers Ebony with Vintage Diana Ross picture. [Freddy…


Amber Rose Teaming Up With Kat Stacks?

Uh oh, is the hip-hop world about to be shaken up? It looks like Kat Stacks got not only the rapper's attention, but Amber Rose's…


Kat Stacks Is Back, With Soulja Boy’s New Phone Number (VIDEO)

It looks like Kat Stacks is back, and Soulja Boy is going to have to get a new phone number. Kat is known for putting…


The BIG Q&A: Nelly Talks Copycats, Being Rap’s Most Influential, Nearly Quitting Music And Marriage

Nelly’s name may not always come up in rap G.O.A.T. chats, but the St. Louis native certainly deserves his place in the Hip-Hop…


Rumor Control

It’s was more that one "beer-ard", Braylon Edwards arrested for DWI. [Necole Bitchie]   Bruno Mars arrested on Drug Charges [Crunk and Disorderly] …


Rah Digga Talks New Album, Defending Roxane Shante, & Kat Stacks

This past Tuesday Brick City’s First Lady Rah Digga, released her long awaited sophomore album, making her official return to rap after nearly a decade…


Rumor Control: Usher Talks Divorce, Kat Stacks Vs. Carmelo, Rihanna Single Coming?

T.I. talks Takers prequel. [Miss Jia] Kat Stacks files police report against Carmelo Anthony. [Rhymes With Snitch] Rihanna's…


Rumor Control: 50 Cent’s New Deal, Toya Gets Spin-Off Show, Chris Brown Faked Crying?

Chris Brown reps says he didn't fake crying at the BET Awards. [YBF] Or did he... [Necole Bitchie] Toya Carter is getting her own spin-off reality…


Rumor Control: Nas Can’t Pay Kelis, Kat Stacks Cleans Up, Rihanna’s Big Gift

Is Shaunie O'Neal's new boo trickin' on younger women behind her back? [Rhymes With Snitch] Kat Stacks cleans up for new photoshoot. [Miss Jia] Lance…


A Long Convo With…Ed Lover

Ed Lover has been making a living off of his wit and sarcasm for over 20 years. He went from hosting 1989’s Yo! MTV Raps…


Try Again! 10 Biggest FAILs In Recent Rap History

Berg's chain has been out on tour more than he has the last few years. It was first stolen from the Chicago rapper in August…


Charles Talks Loving Kat Stacks, Biting Wayne And Hating ‘Brooklyn Girls’ (Pg. 3)

Is there any other chick that could inspire a future mixtape? I can’t even lie, I really want to be good friends with Kat Stacks.


Kat Stacks’ Ex-Manager Says She ‘Could Get Deported’

Kat Stacks is a problem. At least to certain rappers, critics and even the people around her. Earlier this year, the Miami based ex-stripper began…


Twitter Weighs In: Did Kat Stacks Deserve To Be Slapped?

Kat Stacks became the most hated groupie on the Internet by talking recklessly about her alleged romps with rappers like Bow Wow, members of Young…


V Exclusive: Bow Wow On Kat Stacks Beat Down: ‘Do I Look Like The Kind Of N***a [With] Goons?’

Groupies are a rapper’s best friend... not. Since February, babbling Venezuelan vixen Kat Stacks has taken to any mic in reach to air the dirty details of…
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