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R2-D2 Is The First Confirmed Character For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

Last week, Bad Robot's Twitter feed exploded with the first behind the scenes look at Star Wars: Episode VII. That picture, below, featured J.J. Abrams,…

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Kathleen Kennedy Leaves ‘Jurassic Park 4′ For ‘Star Wars’

It looks as if Universal's Jurassic Park 4 will proceed without its franchise producer Kathleen Kennedy. We have the details for you after the break.

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Disney’s CEO Bob Iger Confirms Stand-Alone ‘Star Wars’ Films

Earlier this week, we reported a rumor that LucasFilm and Disney were going to roll out some Star Wars standalone films with one focusing on…

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RUMOR: Will Yoda Be The Focus Of New ‘Star Wars’ Film?

This must be an epic week for intergalactic movie rumors. Yesterday, we told you that Marvel Studios may be making a Planet Hulk movie. Now,…