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Kentucky High School To Hold Random Mandatory Drug Tests For Students

Northern Kentucky's Covington Catholic High School will implement random drug tests on students for the 2016-2017 school year.


7 NBA Draft Prospects Jay Z Should Sign To Roc Nation Sports

"Fuck the N-C-Double-A nigga/Let a young nigga get paid, nigga"—Jay Z Those bars come curtsey of Jay Z on DJ Khaled’s newly released…


Watch Baauer, RL Grime And Ryan Hemsworth Slug It Out In Kentucky

In the south central chapter of their Infinite Daps tour, Baauer, RL Grime and Ryan Hemsworth hit Louisville for some Kentucky Fried Fun. First stop…


Racist Man Puts Up Statue Of Obama Eating Watermelon

A man in Kentucky has been displaying a clearly racist depiction of President Obama on his front lawn since before the election - and doesn't…


First States Are In!

CNN has just called the first two states of the night and... Mitt Romney has an early lead! So far, it seems that the race…

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VIDEO: Kentucky Man Spots Unidentified Flying Object

Amateur astronomer Allen Epling is an avid lover of the skies. But did his latest discovery mark the true existence of life outside of Earth?


ESPN Weighs In On Jay-Z’s Post-Game Visit To Wildcats Lockeroom

ESPN has weighed in on Jay-Z's much talked about post-game visit to the college basketball team…


4 Things We Learned About President Obama From His Final Four Picks

March Madness has finally arrived. And just like he did last year prior to the NCAA Tournament, President Obama has his eyes on the prize.


Final Four ’10 Picks: It Ain’t All Fun & Games [pg. 5]

4. Picking a national championship isn't all fun and games when you're the President. As we pointed out earlier, Obama clearly is a frontrunner. He…


Final Four ’10 Picks: Obama Is Just Like You! [pg. 4]

3. Obama really is just like you. So what if you don't make decisions that affect the entire country? Or help control most of the…


Final Four ’10 Picks: Obama Hates Duke [pg. 3]

2. Everyone, including the President of the United States of America, hates Duke.  Coach K, Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, JJ Redick—the majority of America hates…


Final Four Picks ’10: Obama Is A Frontrunner! [pg. 2]

1. It's official: Obama is a frontrunner!  When President Obama filled out his NCAA bracket last year, we let him slide. He was, after all,…