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Social Circle: Is Rihanna Worthy Of Becoming Beyonce’s Future Successor?

We grabbed up some of the Internets most opinionated mouths to answer our VIBE’s office debate of the week… Is Rihanna worthy of becoming Beyonce’s future successor? Peep thoughts fromMore »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Wild Ass Wednesday

Kid Fury’s Blog: Wild Ass Wednesday

→ DISCLAIMER: The opinion’s of Kid Fury’s blog are in fact his and his alone.More »

Kid Fury’s Blog: My Letter To Kreayshaw

From VIBE – Dear Kreayshawn, We should probably start this off with a discussion of your name. I’m not sure if your rap moniker is supposed to be some sort of… More »


Kid Fury’s Blog: What To Expect From Tyler Perry TV

Yesterday, spirits were flooded with the news that Tyler Perry may soon have his own television network. That Madea reign just won¹t let up, so you haters will have toMore »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Top 10 Girl Group Songs Drake Should Cover

During this year’s OVO Festival in Toronto, everybody’s favorite Hip-Hop plush toy blessed the skies with an R&B classic. Droopy Drake took a break from vibrating his right hand (whichMore »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ Video Wins

Our dear red-headed gyal, Rihanna (or Curry Goat, as I like to call her), released her latest music video for “Man Down” just a few days ago, andMore »


Kid Fury’s Blog: Bye Bye, Oprah…

Kid Fury’s Blog: Bye Bye, Oprah…

Yesterday brought weight to so many hearts and I am unashamed to say that I am still locked in my dreary emotions. Not only did Beyoncé release aMore »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’ Video Review

Kid Fury takes on Beyonce’s enticing, choreo-filled visuals for “Run The World (Girls),” the first single off her forthcoming album, 4.

More »

Kid Fury’s Blog: 20 Questions (On Oprah, Rihanna’s Lip & Jim Jones’ S Curls)

1. Who the hell is Sheneka Adams and why have people been discussing her crotch forest?
2. Am I wrong for refusing to listen to Tyler, The Creator’s album afterMore »


Kid Fury’s Blog: 10 Things Donald Trump Should Really Worry About

While Donald Trump’s vagina squirted with glee after Barack Obama released his birth certificate, a bouquet of far more important issues remained in the air. The Celebrity Apprentice host andMore »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Madea Versus Mookie: The Buffoonery Battle

Tyler Perry stepped out of his lace panties and made noise this week saying that Spike Lee “can go straight to hell.” This was after Spike called SirMore »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Mr. Cee’s Drag Race [VIDEO]


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Kid Fury’s Blog: The Days of Our Lives With Chris Brown’s Fists

  … More »

Kid Fury’s Blog: Casey Heynes Is My Homeboy



By now you’ve probably been witness to a sort of Nick Jr. version of David & Goliath in reverse. At least that’sMore »