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Mothers Mourn 14-Year-Old Jesse Romero After He’s Killed By LAPD

Police say the Boyle Heights boy allegedly fired at them while running away.


The Game And The LAPD Promote #StopTheViolence Initiative

Will this PSA help resurface humanity and unite the Los Angeles community?


10 Harsh Realities from ‘Boyz N The Hood’ That Still Resonate 25 Years Later

On the 25th anniversary of influential film 'Boyz n the Hood,' VIBE looks back at its impact.

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Chris Brown May Be Charged With Disturbing The Peace

Chris Brown may face charges for riding his ATV around his Los Angeles nieghborhood.


The Game Could Be Facing A Lawsuit For Punching Off Duty L.A. Cop

The Game may have to pay up for punching off duty LA cop Onyebuchi Awaji.


Jury Awards $8 Million to the Family of Black Man Killed By Police Chokehold

There was another Black man killed by police chokehold somewhere in America. Darren Burley was just 29-years old when he died in 2012 in…


LAPD Opens Investigation Of Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Claim

One of Bill Cosby’s latest accusers – Judy Huth, who claims the comedian forced her to perform a sexual act at age 15 – has…


Photos Show ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Daniele Watts Possibly Having Sex

Last week,  Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts cried racism when she was apprehended by the Los Angeles Police Department. Reportedly, the police were…


Man Fatally Shot By LAPD During Confrontation

Days after the fatal shooting of Missouri teen Mike Brown, news of a dead unarmed person at the hands of the police has surfaced.


Rihanna Donates 25k to LAPD After Breaking The Commisoner’s Phone

It pays to have Rihanna damage your iPhone. Last weekend at the LA Clippers vs OKC playoff game, Rih tried to snap a picture with LA Commission President Steve…


Watch: T.I. And The Game’s Heated Standoff With LAPD

Earlier this morning (April 30), The Game and T.I. were caught in heated standoff with the LAPD after a "WORLDSTAR!" moment broke out between alleged…


Quincy Jones to Play Fictional Father in Daughter’s New TV Show

Rashida Jones has turned her new TV project into a family affair. The actress recently casted real life parents Quincy Jones…


Christopher Dorner’s Body Not Yet Identified

After a wild shootout that left one officer dead and two others injured, it seems the tale of Christopher Dorner has come to a fiery…


LAPD Apologizes to The Notorious B.I.G.’s Family for Autopsy Report

The LAPD apologized to the family of The Notorious B.I.G. for releasing the deceased rapper's autopsy without properly notifying them ahead of time. Detectives and…


Kendrick Lamar Concert Shutdown by LAPD (VIDEO)

The City of Los Angeles underestimated the tour de force that is Kendrick Lamar. Lamar, one of the hottest new rappers in the game thanks…


New Evidence Suggests LAPD Involved In Biggie Murder

New evidence has surfaced that LAPD might be linked with the murder of Biggie Smalls and covering up the case. What do…


Who Leaked it? Rihanna Photo Investigation Heats Up

The investigation of a photo leak that depicted Rihanna as battered and bruised after a scuffle with Chris Brown is nearly complete.