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Premiere: Brooklynn Wants Out Of A Love Triangle On “If She Stays”

Come and decipher Brooklynn's love triangle on "If She Stays"


Jamie Foxx To Leonardo DiCaprio After Oscar Win: ‘You’re An Honorary Black Man’

The entertainer doesn't mind giving Leo a Black card.


88th Academy Awards: Alejandro González Iñárritu Combats Racism & Chile Wins Big

Latinos show up and show out, despite #OscarsSoWhite.


Tom Hardy Almost Quoted Bobby Shmurda In ‘The Revenant’

How incredible would this have been?

Movies & TV

The Full Trailer For Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic Is Here, Are You Convinced?

The Aaliyah biopic is really happening, whether you like it or not. Lifetime unveiled the full 30-second trailer where leading lady Alexandra Shipp flexes her…


Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are The Same Age

We've already discovered the celebrity dobblegangers, but you'd be surprised to know how many are also the same age. While some celebrities have…


André 3000 Says Leonardo DiCaprio Should Play Him In OutKast Biopic

After what felt like music’s longest visual hiatus, André 3000 is back and prepared to dominate both on stage and the silver screen.


Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Andre 3000 in Outkast Biopic?

Via VIBE: After what felt like music’s longest visual hiatus, André 3000 is back and prepared to dominate both on stage…


Leonardo DiCaprio Fighting To Get Nelson Mandela Pic

Leonardo DiCaprio wants that old thing back.


#MCM: Attractive Men Age Well

Can you find the fountain these attractive men are sipping from because we're trying to take a swig! No seriously, is…


June 2: Vixen’s Pop Culture Week in Review Matrix

From Justin Bieber's resurrected racist videos and Pharrell's Native American 'fit to Rihanna's freed areolae and Breezy's triumphant return home, Vixen revisits the…


Leonardo DiCaprio Snubs The Kardashians

Not everyone is interested in keeping up with the Kardashians.


Justin Bieber Donates $545k to amfAR

Finally Justin Bieber's in the media for being a good samaritan. The tatted up singer doesn't just only have amazing vocals…


Celebrities That Never Won an Oscar

Attaining an Oscar is like holding gold in its purest form. All other award shows seem minuscule compared to this profound and well…

Movies & TV

Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Jonah Hill ‘Feel Safe’ On SNL

Jonah Hill - Monologue (Leonardo DiCaprio) SNL... An Oscar nomination may have gotten to Jonah Hill’s head a bit during his Saturday Night Live monologue…


Jonah Hill Reveals Small Pay Day For ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

When you're Jonah Hill, money is not a priority when it comes to working for Martin Scorsese.


Jonah Hill Took Huge Pay Cut for ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

We know him as a comedic thespian, but Jonah Hill's roles as of late have garnered him A-list attention and two Oscar nominations,…

Movies & TV

Q-Tip To Join Forces With Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill For New TV Show?

Q-Tip and Leonardo DiCaprio are taking their talents to the small screen.


‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Lands Record For Most F-Word Usage

Wolf of Wall Street is not the kind of movie you see with your parents. Although the film's message is that a life…
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