10 Brown Gals That Should’ve Been in The L’Oreal Paris ‘Pure Reds’ Ad

Jay Z said, " Put some colored girls in the MoMA," and we're asking L'Oreal Paris to do the same in their latest campaign ad.


Appsolutely: Loreal Makeup Genius App

Makeup lovers will no longer have to spend time in the drugstore trying to decide if a color of lipstick will look nice or…


Zoe Saldana Is the New Face of L’Oreal [Photo]

When it comes to serving 24/7 fierceness, Zoe Saldana is definitely at the top of that list. Perhaps that--among many other reasons--is why…


L’Oreal Paris Will Launch Make-Up Vending Machine in NYC

NYC Ladies, our beauty prayers have officially been answered! For a limited time only (November 4th-December 31st) , anyone who passes…


Dupe Rihanna’s Matte Lips This Fall

  Glossy lips do wonders for a glam look but a lustrous pout isn't our only choice this season. The lipstick…


L’Oreal Promotes ‘Sublime SPF Collection’ for Melanoma Awareness

For as long as we can remember, the idea that people of color can't sunburn has kept many of us from wearing sunscreen.


First Look: Beyoncé Kisses Up In New L’Oreal Commercial

Beyoncé is playing no games this summer.


4 Easy Ways to Look Awake

It's the end of the week and we're sure you've heard enough of "wow, you look tired!" Well, I've got four easy ways…


VV Must Have: L’Oreal Ombré Kit

There is more to Vixen-worthy hair than sassy cuts and long extensions, we need color! At-home hair dye kits have been around for…
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