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Iowa Residents Wins Big in Powerball Jackpot

Iowa was the hotspot for Powerball jackpot victories.

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Brandon T. Jackson Brings His Hood And Suburb Upbringing To ‘Lottery Ticket’

To find inspiration for the motives of his role in Lottery Ticket (currently in theaters), all Brandon T. Jackson had to do was look to his…

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Bow Wow Says Nicki Minaj Almost Co-Starred In ‘Lottery Ticket’

In the film Lottery Ticket (in theaters now), Bow Wow plays Kevin, a guy from the projects whose life changes completely after he wins the lottery. But…

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Naturi Naughton on Her ‘Lottery Ticket’ Love Scene with Bow Wow and Dream Role

Naturi Naughton has been setting the acting bar high for herself these days; the young starlet's film credits may be short thus far, but her output…

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Terry Crews on Montana Fishburne’s Porn Career: ‘This Might Be A Blessing In Disguise’

With most of black Hollywood remaining silent about the career choice of Montana Fishburne, fellow dad and Lottery Ticket star Terry Crews is speaking out…

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Naturi Naughton Acts Up: From Naughty Lil’ Kim To Good Girl in ‘Lottery Ticket’

After being best known in film as hip hop bad girl Lil’ Kim in 2009’s Notorious, actress Naturi Naughton is switching up gears and going…

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A Long Convo With… Charlie Murphy

From the outside looking in it would appear that after over 20 years in the business Charlie Murphy finally has it all. Probably best known from his…


Bow Wow On Diggy’s Diss: ‘It’s Flattering Because It Lets Me Know How Much Of A Prince I [Am]’

VIBE got on the jack with Cash Money's newest recruit to chat infrequent talks with Drake, Diggy's diss, visiting Wayne and catching his mom at the…


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Rating Ice Cube’s Movies

Ice Cube, the man whose initial claim to fame was being a member of gangsta rap pioneering group N.W.A., has developed a diverse portfolio…
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