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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Oxygen’s ‘Tanisha Get’s Married’

Love Games host and Bad Girls Club season two star Tanisha Thomas is carving her own lane in the TV world. She's landed her own…

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Peep This – ‘Love Games’s’ Kori Starts Playing Dirty, Judi Isn’t Having It

In the following Love Games clip, Kori learns how much she’s worth when the guys buy jewelry for the girls. Judi’s insecurities get the best…

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Peep this – Bad Girl Sydney Suspects a Player on ‘Love Games,’ Melts Down

What would a show like Love Games be if the bad girls didn't have meltdowns every now and then? Ok not every now and then,…

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Peep This – Oxygen’s ‘Love Games 3′ Premieres Tonight, Shirts Come Off

Former bad girls Judi (BGC season 7), Sydney (BGC 6) and Kori (BGC 6) will compete for a new boy toy and and a cash…

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Meet the ‘Love Games’ Bachelors – Would You Date a Man Named ‘Freaky JP?’

Oxygen is gearing up for season three of Love Games, where three bad girls compete for a new boy toy and a luxurious exotic getaway.

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Peep This – Three Bad Girls Return To Compete In ‘Love Games’

The bad girls already have a great deal of drama to face simply by co-existing in their posh mansion but when it comes to competing…