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Donald Trump Offers A Blogger A Job Because Of Her Looks

Donald Trump clearly has a way with the ladies...*shrugs*


Baltimore’s A$AP Ant Discusses The Riots: “Destroying The Community Is Not The Answer”

VIBE spoke to A$AP Mob's A$AP Ant about the destruction in his hometown.


Dad Hits Teacher With Bat Over Text Sent to Daughter

Dad to the rescue! A Maryland father will probably not receive any charges after he struck a teacher with a baseball bat. Police…


‘Zane’ Author Slammed with 900K Debt Bill

  The bestselling author who brought us Zane Chronicles is in hot water with the IRS and the state of Maryland. According…


Family Of Slain Maryland Teen Awarded $90 Million

A Maryland jury awarded $90 million today (Apr. 17) to the family of a 13-year-old girl that was struck by a car and killed in…


Maryland Senate Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana

A bill passed yesterday (Mar. 19) in Maryland to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. If the proposed legislation becomes law, it would reduce the penalty…


Aurora Copycat Shooter Arrested in Maryland

Not even a week after the Colorado tragedy that left 12 killed and 58 injured, a copycat shooter was arrested after attempting to disrupt a…


Navy Drone Plane Crashes in Maryland

It was something that hit without warning.


Maryland Will Hold Press Conference About New Mega Millions Winner

The state of Maryland will hold a press conference today after announcing the Mega Millions winner has come forward. Yesterday (Apr. 9), a state winner…


Maryland Puts Bounty on Killer Snakehead Fish aka Fishzilla

No this isn't a job for Dog the Bounty Hunter, more like your average fisherman.Maryland country wildlife officials have officially put out a $200 bounty…


Maryland Mega Millions Winner Refuses to Share Lottery Winnings With McDonalds Co-Workers

They say you should never mix money with friends, and the latest Mega Millions mix-up is another prime example of…