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Happy Yom Kippur! Best Jewish Rappers & DJs

Yom Kippur is recognized as the holiest day of the Jewish year. In honor of the holiday, VIBE rounded up the ultimate Jew crew of…


From the VIBE Guide: Matisyahu’s Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in NYC

In April of 2010 when Matisyahu took to Twitter to announce he went vegan it wasn't that much of a surprise to many. The talented…


V Exclusive! Matisyahu Talks New LP, His Jewish Identity & Why Shyne Is An ‘Alien’

Today, Matisyahu looks more himself than ever. Sitting legs out and barefoot on his green comforter spread while nursing a mug of Colombian yerba mate…


V Premiere! Matisyahu feat. Shyne “Buffalo Soldier”

Matisyahu is currently on tour Stateside and has just finished his Spark Seeker LP, which is produced entirely by Kool Kojak. On one of the…


Jewish Rapper Matisyahu Cuts Off His Beard, Renounces Chassidic Rap Image

The Jewish reggae rap star Matisyahu has cut off his beard and announced he is no longer a non-chassidic rap artist. The 32 year old…

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Matisyahu Shaves Beard and Renounces Orthodox MC Tag

Jewish reggae rapper Matisyahu revealed a huge change to his image yesterday. He cut off his signature beard and says he is no longer an…