Michael Keith

In Michael Keith’s new edition of I’m Just Sayin’, the 112 crooner breaks down what a man REALLY means…… 
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112’s Michael Keith Asks “When Is It Enough?”

Let me start this column off by making the following statement… “I am not a quitter” … More »

112’s Michael Keith: Is Your Man Too Good To Be True?

In our society, many of us tend to favor a “believe it when I see it” mentality when the prospect of a good thing happens in our lives. Whether you… More »

In Michael Keith’s new edition of I’m Just Sayin’, the 112 crooner touches a very sensitive subject. … More »


It’s The Small Things

As we observe this Valentines Day let us remember that when it comes to relationships it is always a good idea to treat everyday as if it were a holiday. More »

Wifey Material : The Back-Handed Compliment

I believe our words have power. And when I mean power, I mean literally POWER…. I call it a manifestation of our ability to will our inner most dreams and… More »

Are You Choosing To Be The Side Chick?

In this rat race we call life, most of us strive to be number one. It’s in our very DNA to work hard enough to obtain that number one slot. More »


Have you ever had the feeling that your man is just going through the motions in your relationship? Like he’s doing just enough that you won’t start complaining, and just… More »

Michael Keith gives us the second installment in his “I’m Just Saying” blogger series. He discusses everything from everyday life, to relationships, to hip-hop, to whatever sparks his fancy, heMore »

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VIBE is happy to introduce our newest featured blogger, Michael Keith. Keith is a part of the R&B group, 112, from Atlanta, Georgia, most notably recognized for their hits likeMore »