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You Know It’s Bad When Mitt Romney Says Unsavory Things About Trump

The former presidential candidate didn't hold back when speaking his piece on the Republican frontrunner.


Romney Final Vote: The Real 47 Percent

The Romney final vote is in, and it's perfectly appropriate. Former presidential candidate MItt Romney made waves when a secret video of him surfaced, wherein…


Mitt Romney ‘Had No Desire To Run,’ Son Says

Even if Mitt Romney did take the W in this year's presidential election, he wouldn't have been excited about the gig.


Man Pulls Off Romney Mask Bank Robbery

In a scene straight out of "Point Break," a man in a Mitt Romney mask robbed a bank in Virginia - at the same location…


Manny Pacquiao Gets a Pep Talk From Mitt Romney Before Marquez Fight

Before his welterweight fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday (Dec. 8) in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao got an unexpected visitor in his locker room:…


Man Arrested For Interfering In Romney Motorcade

A man was arrested while Mitt Romney was riding around and getting it.

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Donald Trump’s Children Stage An Obama Intervention

The Donald should have one resolution for 2013: keep his opinions to himself. His children seem to agree. Details after the jump.


Fails of the Week: Rihanna, Mitt Romney, The Human Barbie And More

Not everyone can be like Charlie Sheen when he was on that tiger blood. From a political pumper to an Instagram double-take, here are the…


Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas At La Jolla Station

After losing to President Obama in the election earlier this month, his former political opponent Mitt Romney has kept in the shadows of defeat.

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National Park Services To Add President Obama To Mount Rushmore

One way to capitalize on your stellar win for re-election is to be added amongst our nation's founders on Mount Rushmore. Is it true? We…
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