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Mos Def Stands Before South African Judge On Fraudulent Travel Documents Charge

The rapper formerly known as Mos Def stood before a South African judge today (March 8) after the court originally turned him away for refusing…


South African Officials Charge Mos Def For Traveling With False Documents

It looks like even more bad news is headed Mos Def's way.


Mos Def’s Rep Clarifies His Reported Arrest In South Africa

Earlier Friday morning (Jan. 15), Mos Def was reportedly arrested after failing to issue a valid passport while planning to travel out of Cape Town…


Mos Def Was Reportedly Arrested For Traveling With Fake Passport In South Africa

The Brooklyn native deemed his suspected govermental document as a "world passport."


Ski Beatz Surprises Fans With New Mos Def Track “Sensei On The Block”

Mos Def has returned with a new melody, which took his fans by surprise Friday evening (Aug. 28). Well actually, record producer Ski Beatz dropped…


Sorry Folks, A Yasiin Bey-Lupe Fiasco Battle Will Not Be Happening

Yasiin Bey (a.k.a Mos Def) responds to Lupe Fiasco regarding their alleged battle.


Stars And Stripes: 5 Rappers Who Could Run The White House

Trump wouldn't stand a chance against these hip-hop generals.


Zoe Kravitz Might Have Herself A ‘Yasiin Bae’

Are Zoe Kravitz and Yasiin Bey a thing? Or nah?


Throwback Jams: Sounds Of Protest

A #TBT playlist of protest anthems that demanded change

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A$AP Rocky Surprises A London Crown By Bringing Out Yasiin Bey

During A$AP Rocky's set at a London show, Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) surprised the crowd.


Two Checks: The Most Successful Rappers Turned Actors

We hear complaints from educated, esteemed Hollywood and aspiring actors every so often that rappers and singers are snatching their coveted roles right from…


10 Reasons Why Rap Fans Need ‘Black On Both Sides 2′

15 years ago, I sat in the back of my math class, sporting Lugz, a flannel shirt, and baggy jeans. It was my freshman year…


Common Leaves G.O.O.D Music

It looks like we can all say G.O.O.D bye to Common. According to MTV, Common is no longer signed to G.O.O.D music. The conscious…


Yasiin Bey Cancels Upcoming U.S. Tour Due to ‘Legal Issues’

Yasiin Bey won't be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, most def. The rapper,also known as Mos Def, has been banned by the U.S.


Yasiin Bey Cancels Upcoming U.S. Tour Due To ‘Legal Issues’

Yasiin Bey won't be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, most def. The rapper,also known as Mos Def, has been banned by the U.S. government…


Report, Replay, Repeat: Playlist for Ciara and Future’s Newborn

Congrats go out to proud new parents, Ciara and Future, on the birth of their son. This couple has been gushing…


Yasiin Bey Talks Cape Town Life, Wearing Ghanian Clothing

Brooklyn hip-hop legend Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, took his talents to Cape Town last May, and now plans to make it his…


Watch: Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Performs New Songs Live From Africa

It's been literally—no exaggeration—forever since we've heard new songs from the rapper/crooner formerly known as Mos Def. Yet today (Jan. 17), Yasiin Bey is…


Songs Celebs Penned For Their Children

Following her hubby's key, over the weekend Beyonce dropped "God Made You Beautiful" in dedication to, Blue Ivy. In it she praises her daughter and their…
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