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Vixen Inspiration: Motivation Vs. Inspiration

First, find something that causes you to dream, wish, conquer and create. True inspiration will last your entire life. Self-actualization requires discovering your purpose,…


Vixen Inspiration: Dig Deeper

Vixens, Life is a constant journey of discovering who we are and our purpose in life. You may know a lot…


Vixen Inspiration: Create A Soundtrack for Your Life

Vixens, what do you do when things aren't going the way you'd like? How do you manage to keep the fire burning? What happens when…


Vixen Inspiration: Laugh A Little!

Vixens, did you know that laughter revitalizes the soul? Many experts believe that those who laugh often are typically more happy,…


Vixen Inspiration: Broaden Your Horizons

Vixens, In the midst of your daily routine, as you're carving out your place in life, have you ever thought about…


10 Exercise Excuses and Solutions

The #1 new year's resolution is always weight loss. We all hope to trim down for spring when our motivation is at an all time…


Happy 43rd Birthday Diddy: A Look at the Hip-Hop Mogul’s Favorite Inspirational Quotes

To help him celebrate his 43rd birthday, we take a look at Diddy's favorite inspirational quotes. In addition to Ciroc mixology -- try a Coco…


Vixen Inspiration: Exercise Dating Discernment!

Vixens, I hope you're having a great week! I have a simple tidbit to share: Exercise discernment in your dating life. Discernment is the…


Vixen Inspiration: Overcome Your Frustrations!

Vixens! I'm confident to say that all of you have audacious goals and dreams that you desire to accomplish. I'm also…
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