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Watch Tupac Call Out Donald Trump In A Never Before Seen 1992 Interview

While speaking with MTV, Tupac passionately voiced his opinion on greed and inequality in America, and what he believed was Trump's greedy ways.


DJ Khaled Salutes The President: ‘Obama’s A Winner’

President Obama has many a hip-hop moment peppered throughout his two terms (see: Jay-Z's "Open Letter") but one of the most memorable may have been…


Leonardo DiCaprio Says He’s Proud Of 2 Chainz

With Jay-Z at the helm for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, it makes sense that Leonardo DiCaprio is in tune to hip-hop.


Nicki Minaj Says She’s ‘Not Worried’ About Lil Wayne’s Recovery

Rappers are getting rich but nearly dieing in the process. Lil Wayne recently followed in Rick Ross' footsteps after suffering from seizure-like symptoms that halted…


Sway Talks To President Obama on Same-Sex Marriage, Global Warming and Music

President Obama sat down with media personality Sway Calloway at the White House in a half-hour special where young voters got to grill the Head-of-State…