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President Obama Writes To ‘The New York Times’ About Black Voter Discrimination

Black voters today face similar restrictions to those in the 1940s. President Barack Obama penned a letter to the New York Times with his concerns.


Rachel Dolezal On Her Black Identity: “It’s Not A Costume”

The resigned NAACP chapter president sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss the consequences of her parents revealing that she is white.


Rachel Dolezal Breaks Silence On TODAY Show: ‘I Identify As Black

Rachel Dolezal says she still identifies as African-American


Rachel Dolezal Steps Down From NAACP Presidency

Rachel Dolezal has resigned from her NAACP post


Everything You Should Know About Rachel Dolezal

A woman named Rachel Dolezal has been the topic of discussion for a little over 48 hours. The 37-year-old president of the Spokane…


‘Black’ NAACP Leader Is Actually A White Woman, NAACP Issues Statement

Meet Rachel Dolezal, the "black" NAACP President whose parents have outed her as a white woman.


Beyonce Weighs In On Baltimore: ‘People Are Hurting’

Queen Bey used her platform to bring awareness to organizations helping in Baltimore.


NAACP Building Deliberately Bombed In Colorado, FBI Says

The FBI is investigating an explosion outside of an NAACP building in Colorado that took place yesterday morning (Jan. 6). A makeshift bomb was detonated…


Black Excellence: Cornell Brooks Appointed As NAACP President

Activist Cornell Brooks is the new president and CEO of the NAACP, according to The Root. Brooks, who was appointed to his new position…


NAACP Returning All Donald Sterling Donations

Donald Sterling’s jarring racial remarks have leaked and sparked a huge controversy in the NBA community and beyond. While his ownership of the Los Angeles…

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Watch: Oprah, Stevie Wonder Talk Image At 45th NAACP Image Awards

How would you define the word "image"?


NAACP And KKK Hold First Meeting Together In History

Representatives of the NAACP and the KKK met for an unprecedented sit-down last Saturday (Aug. 31) in Casper, Wyoming. Jimmy Simmons, president of the NAACP’s…


Elle Varner and Miguel in Forefront for NAACP Image Awards

R&B is making a strong comeback this year with breakthrough artists Elle Varner and Miguel leading the way. The 44th annual NAACP Image…


Jennifer Hudson On Witness List For Upcoming Murder Trial Involving Family

Jennifer Hudson may soon be taking a sad trip down memory lane. She is on the witness list for the upcoming trial of William Balfour, the…


Poll: Will Mel Gibson’s Use of the N-Word, make you stop watching his films?

The racial slur hits from Mel Gibson just keep coming. This week, he allegedly can be heard on tape slamming Hispanics. And if we rewind…

Movies & TV

Poll: Mel Gibson’s Use of the N-word: will it make you stop watching his films?

The racial slurs from Mel Gibson just keep coming. This week, he allegedly could be heard on tape slamming Hispanics. And if we rewind…


Tyler Perry Donates $1 Million to NAACP

With Thanksgiving approaching, Tyler Perry has started the spirit of giving and saying thanks in the right way--donating $1 million to the NAACP.