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Stream B.o.B. And London Jae’s ‘NASA’ Mixtape

Looking for No Genre? Them boys are outta space.


New Music: Akon Feat. Young Thug And OG Boo Dirt ‘Nasa’

Akon has been on the low as of late, but today the crooner dropped the Young Thug-assisted, "Nasa," which also features Memphis native OG Boo…


$70 Million Per Seat For Space Flight? Russia Charging NASA $70 Million Per Seat On Shuttle

Is $70 million per seat too much - even for a flight to space?


A Real-Life ‘Star Wars’ Death Star Would Cost $850 Quadrillion, Says U.S. Government

A sad day for Star Wars fans. While three new Disney-sponsored films in the intergalactic franchise are on the horizon, the construction of an actual…


Sun Eruption As Big As 20 Earths Captured on Video by NASA

Crap, maybe the Mayans were right, just a bit off with the timing... A New Year's Eve sun eruption lasted four hours and blasted a…

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Did NASA Actually Uncover Life On Mars?!

Yesterday (10/9), NASA scientists were excitedly shocked by images of a Cnidarian fossil beamed from the planet Mars. The Curiosity rover, which has been surveying…


NASA to Blast’s Music on Mars

MSNBC--A song called "Reach for the Stars" will make its debut, appropriately, from space.


Real Dinosaur Prints Found at NASA Flight Center

(via LiveScience) At NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, some of the most brilliant minds in the world work to build the spacecraft that…


Science Guy Bill Nye Says U.S. Risks Losing Space Edge

Years before Bill Nye became the Science Guy, he was a mechanical engineering student at Cornell University, where he took a course with astronomer Carl…


NASA Space Craft Discovers New Earth Like Planet

NASA's Kepler spacecraft has confirmed the discovery of its first new world in its host star's habitable zone. In order for a planet to be…