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After Being Jailed For Three Years, Marissa Alexander Is Headed Back Home

Floridians and those against domestic violence rejoiced when Marissa Alexander was released from prison yesterday (Jan. 27). The 37-year-old mother of three was incarcerated three…


The U.S. Army Forgot To Remove ‘Negro’ As A Self-Identification Term On Documents

On Oct. 30, the United States Army updated their equal opportunity policy, but neglected to extract a word that traditionally supports unequal values.


The First National Marijuana Ad Is Here

Marijuana Doctors, a company that connects medical approved patients with doctors, claims it will air the first marijuana commercial to air on a major network.


Review: A Liberated Lauryn Hill Returns To Form In D.C.

A revitalized Lauryn Hill dispelled uncertainties about her enigmatic career on Sunday evening (Dec. 15), easing a D.C. audience anxious to witness the emancipated hip-hop…


George Zimmerman Get $256 Speeding Ticket In Florida

The "free man" known as George Zimmerman just can't seem to stop getting into trouble or stay out of the public eye. His latest infraction…


Sybrina Fulton Invokes ‘Jesus’ During Her ‘Darkest Hour’

Trayvon Martin's mother has poured her heart out onto the social media universe in the sensational aftermath of George Zimmerman's not-guilty verdict.


Senator John McCain’s Son Marries Gorgeous Black Woman

John McCain and his family celebrate diversity and love as his second son, Jack, married Renée Jessica Swift in a beautiful ceremony in San Francisco.


Pastor Caught Looking At Child Porn While At Disney World

49-year-old Cedric Cuthbert was arrested on suspicion of viewing child porn videos while on the job at the Disney World theme park, according to CBS…


UNCF Partners With Mayor Cory Booker For ‘UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball’

What happens when the nation's largest and most effective minority education association partners with New Jersey's most honorable mayor? An edutaining event for the ages!


Facebook To Introduce Hashtags; Step Up Competition With Twitter

The social media network that got it all up-and-jumping is about to co-opt Twitter's biggest invention. What do you think?!


Study Says 14 People Are ‘Functionally Cured’ Of HIV

A new study out of the Pasteur Institute reveals that 14 new people have been "functionally cured" of the HIV virus through rapid treatment after…


‘Stop-And-Frisk’ To Stand Trial In NYC

Stop-and-Frisk is being put on trial in federal court starting Monday, March 18 in the class action lawsuit Floyd v. the City of New York.


Michelle Obama Hacked, Financial Information Exposed

Michelle Obama just joined a long list of hacked celebrities. Unidentified hackers recently posted detailed personal and financial information of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Donald…


Hackers Release Financial Records For Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton

According to the documents hosted on, America's finest had their financial records, social security and property exposed on the World Wide Web.


White House Approves Unlocking Of Cell Phones

The government's response to netizens petition didn't sit well with AT&T, but how will you react?!


Police Find Loaded Weapon In Woman’s Vagina

Where is Dave Chappelle when you need him?! A woman arrested by police was revealed to have a loaded gun hidden inside her vagina and…


Dr. Ben Carson Criticizes President Obama On Black Unemployment

A comment from the world-renowned neurosurgeon has sparked a discussion in the African American community.


Watch: 82-Year-Old Emma Anderson Brutally Tossed Off Train In Miami

In honor of Women's HERstory Month, you should write your local congressman and tell them to vote to pass the Violence Against Women Act now.


Oprah Winfrey Announced As Harvard Commencement Speaker

Oprah Winfrey is heading to the Ivy League. The queen of media will be delivering the commencement address at Harvard University's 362nd graduation ceremony on…


Mississippi’s First Openly-Gay Mayoral Candidate Found Dead

All of Marco McMillian's ambition screeched to a shocking halt last week with his mysterious murder.
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