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Obama On Gun Control: ‘Shameful Day For Washington’

President Obama sharply criticized the Senate for not passing bipartisan gun control measures Wednesday (April 17), even as victims of the Newtown shootings and former…


Guns Being Marketed to a New Generation, The New York Times Investigates

Following the tragic mass shooting of grade schoolers in Newtown, Conn., the New York Times delves into the world of shopping guns to younger generations.


Ke$ha’s “Die Young” Pulled From Radio, Sinks on Charts

Ke$ha’s latest pop hit is getting the silent treatment following the massacre in Newtown, CT, last Friday.


‘Blossom Star’ Jenna Von Oy Pens Letter To Newtown Shooting Victims

In wake of the horrible tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT this past week, a lot of well wishes have been sent their way. Actress…


President Obama at Sandy Hook Elementary School Vigil: “We Can’t Tolerate This Anymore”

When speaking of those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut this past Friday (Dec. 14), President Obama called them "beautiful children"