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Guest Editor: Ne-Yo Takes Over!

VIBE is seeing R.E.D. to celebrate the release of Ne-Yo's new album that hits shelves and iTunes today (Nov. 6). Realizing Every Dream is testament…


Guest Editor Ne-Yo Plays His Own Songs During Sex Only By Request

For an artist who's nabbed Grammy Awards for penning heartbreak anthems for the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna, it's safe to assume Ne-Yo is well-versed…


Guest Editor Ne-Yo Talks Being A Family Man, Staying Fit and Acting

Ne-Yo's résumé could put many go-hards to shame: singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Senior Vice President of A&R at Def Jam, Compound Entertainment label head, Malibu Red liquor…


Guest Editor Ne-Yo Recalls Meeting Obama and Encourages Voting

President Obama's lengthy list of big-name co-signs don't require money bags. An avid pro-Bama advocate, Ne-Yo discusses why he rocks the vote as hard as…


Guest Editor Ne-Yo Talks New Album ‘R.E.D.’, Working With Tim McGraw and Why R&B’s Harder Than Pop

R&B artists usually confine their catalogs to the bedroom or the club, but Ne-Yo successfully kicks the doors down into both. With his fifth studio…