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Jamie Foxx, The New Face Of MLK In Upcoming Oliver Stone Biopic

The Oscar winning actor has teamed up with acclaimed director Oliver Stone yet again, but this time to work on one of Jamie’s most powerful…

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‘Colin Powell’ Biopic Casts Forest Whitaker As Its Lead

Fresh off of the success of playing Eugene Allen in Lee Daniel's The Butler, Forest Whitaker will be playing another real life Washington figure in…

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Jim Carrey Denounces Violence In Mark Millar’s ‘Kick-Ass 2′

The legendary funnyman took to social media to condemn the level of violence in the Kick-Ass 2 film he appears in. Sounds like an attempt…


Oliver Stone Comments on Hurricane Sandy Being “Punishment”

Director Oliver Stone not only has a passion for film, but also has a strong opinion on politics. While he supports Obama, Stone is quick…


Oliver Stone Hits The Dougie With Cali Swag District

Classic! What random old White Hollywood actor would you want to see take a crack at the Dougie?