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Vixen Vent: 15 Celeb Chefs Steve Harvey Should’ve Hired Over Paula Deen

Steve Harvey made a major party foul. The talk show host has invited Paula Deen to teach his African American mentees culinary arts.


Paula Deen’s Son is Cooking Up Trouble

Seems like more trouble is cooking up for the Deen family. While Paula Deen has bounced back from last year's racism scandal, her son…


How To Apologize For A Racist Moment

Wishing you could dial up Olivia Pope to bury that racial faux pas? Crisis Management expert Melissa Agnes explains how to apologize for idiotic gaffes…


Celebrities Who Had The Best and Worst 2013 Ever [Gifs]

  2013 was a life changing career for many celebs, whether it was their career or love lives. However, …


Top 50 WTF Moments Of Summer 2013

When the temperatures are dropping lower than Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs, it is time to bid summer 2013 adieu. Before Autumn makes its…


Paula Deen Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

The racial discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen was dismissed in federal court today (Aug. 23).


‘Black People for Paula’ Rally to be Held in Times Square

Even Paula Deen's use of the N-word won't stop her gang of supporters. A group of Deen's African-American fans will gather in Times Square…


Paula Deen Splits From Longtime Agent

With business deals busting at the (apron) seams since admitting that she used the N-word, Paula Deen has now cut her ties with the man…


Twitter Reacts To Stacey Dash Supporting Paula Deen

We’re convinced Stacey Dash may not be a fan of Blacks.


Twitter Reactions to Stacey Dash Supporting Paula Deen

We're convinced Stacey Dash may not be a fan of Blacks. If you remember (as if you could forget) the Clueless…
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