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Why The Prison Health Care System Is Also A Danger To The Public

Inmates regularly face stigma and discrimination by the correctional health care system.


Stacey Dash Signs to Fox News as Culture Contributor

Yesterday (May 28), the Vice President of Programming at Fox News Bill Shine announced that Stacey Dash would be joining Fox News as…


First Lady Michelle Obama Posts Easter Egg Hunt Promo on Instagram [Video]

Michelle Obama recently posted a 1990's rendition of the White House Easter Egg Roll on Instagram in anticipation of the upcoming annual event whose 2014…


Belgian Newspaper Depicts the Obamas as Monkeys in Racist Satire

Tsk, tsk, Belgium. Over the weekend, Belgian newspaper De Morgen photoshopped a very controversial and racial Mr. and Mrs. Obama days before the President's scheduled…


Omarosa Runs for the L.A. Unified School District Board

  Who can forget Queen of Mean, Omarosa Manigault? The original evil empress of reality TV has since decided to distance herself…

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Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison

Today marks the notorious end to the storied career of former politician Kwame Kilpatrick. He was sentenced to 28 years in prison, seven months after…


Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Gets Into A Shouting Match In Brooklyn

With Anthony Weiner's stock as a potential New York City mayoral candidate plummets rapidly, he's now got to contend with a video showing him in…

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NBC Says ‘No’ To Hillary Clinton Miniseries

With the GOP voting to ban NBC from the 2016 Presidential Debates, will there be any long lasting issues created from this would-be political miniseries?


Vixen Vent: Leave Huma Abedin Alone!

There have been several occasions where I found myself maneuvering through my Twitter feed with the meticulous care of a soldier on a mine field.


Senator John McCain’s Son Marries Gorgeous Black Woman

John McCain and his family celebrate diversity and love as his second son, Jack, married Renée Jessica Swift in a beautiful ceremony in San Francisco.


UNCF Partners With Mayor Cory Booker For ‘UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball’

What happens when the nation's largest and most effective minority education association partners with New Jersey's most honorable mayor? An edutaining event for the ages!

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Kim Jong Un Gets Serious About Nuclear War

Is it too much to give peace a chance? In a speech delivered on Sunday and published in full by the country's KCNA news agency…


Dr. Ben Carson Criticizes President Obama On Black Unemployment

A comment from the world-renowned neurosurgeon has sparked a discussion in the African American community.

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Herman Cain Announced As News Contributor to Fox News

When did Fox become all black everything? It seems that the former Godfather's Pizza head honcho is Fox News' newest contributor. We have details after…


President Obama To Deliver Commencement Speech at Morehouse College

Atlanta just can't seem to get enough of President Obama! The Commander-in-Chief is set to come back to address the mighty men at Morehouse College.


Young Voters To Host #BarackTalk State of the Union Discussion

With President Barack Obama's second term already underway, young voters are ensuring their voices are heard through a medium they know best: social media.


Barak Quits Politics: “I Have Exhausted My Political Activity”

Less than a week ago Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak organized an eight-day military attack against a militant group...

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President Mohammed Morsi Ignores Detractors; Stands Firm

After ousting Mubarak from his long-time rule, is another one in the form of President Morsi taking its place? Details after the jump.


Rep. Allen West Concedes Election

Republican Congressman Allen West, one of the most prominent African-American Republican leaders and a Tea Party favorite, conceded his bid for re-election in Florida Tuesday,…
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