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Kanye West Reiterates Bid For Presidential Candidacy In 2020

Kanye West recently set the stage on fire for the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival (Sept. 18), but his performance wasn't the only thing that left…


Obama Cares About Retirement Plans, Just Not Jon Stewart’s

With his second term approaching its end, President Barack Obama made sure he had time for one executive order: banning Jon Stewart from leaving The Daily…


Obama Becomes First Sitting President to Go Inside a Federal Prison

President Barack Obama told the NAACP that he wanted to reform the American prison system. In an effort to become more knowledgeable of conditions, he…


Vixen Chat: ‘Veep’ Actress Sufe Bradshaw Talks Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Being President For a Day

If House of Cards and The Office were to have a baby, it would probably spawn HBO’s political satire Veep. The…


SNL’s Sasheer Zamata Plays Olivia Pope in Scandal Parody

Saturday Night Live took on our favorite drama, Scandal, in a hilarious skit with Sasheer Zamata as Olivia Pope last weekend. Girls' star Lena Dunham made her guest…


Our President is Tall, Dark and Handsome

  Have we ever had a president as good looking and cool as President Obama? (Talk about the Big O...) We…


Obama Admits His Biggest 2013 Mistake

Obama took to the podium for his end-of-the-year news conference on Friday (Dec. 20). During his speech, the 44th president fielded questions from…


Most Stylish TV Sitcom Moms

Your first sense of style usually comes from your mother, so it’s no surprise that the most stylish character on popular TV sitcoms were…


5 Artists That Need to Release Pro-Obama Songs

It’s official! President Obamas is here to stay for another 4 years; let the celebration begin! Mariah Carey released her presidential song and…


The 25 Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To President Barack Obama’s Re-Election

President Barack Obama is back! After months and months of campaigning, the reigning President of the United States of America was re-elected by the American…


Watch: President Obama’s Victory Speech (Full Video)

It's four more years for President Obama and the Democratic party. Last night, after Obama was reelected to serve his second term as POTUS, he…


Happy 20th Anniversary To The Obamas! Barack & Michelle’s Best Photos

To the couple whose love has inspired a nation, consider this our virtual toast. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama celebrate 20 years…


In Case You Missed It: Barack and Michelle Obama Visit ‘The View’

Both Barack and Michelle Obama have visited The View separately, but yesterday marked their first visit to the gabfest together. Our POTUS and…


Madonna Endorses Obama, Says He “Is a Black Muslim”

Any endorsement for President Barack Obama's re-election is reason for celebration, even if it's stated a bit peculiar, which recently happened courtesy of Madonna and…


President Obama Addresses Nicki Minaj’s Mitt Romney Endorsement

From UPTOWN--President Obama thinks Nicki Minaj is a little looney. Although those weren’t his exact sentiments, the POTUS did take the time to…


Hip-Hop Violinist Miri Ben-Ari Performs for President Obama

Hip-hop’s favorite violinist supported America’s favorite president in song. On June 25, Miri Ben-Ari opened up a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at…


Writer Claims Obama Divorce Story Is Real

A controversial new biography of President Obama claims that Michelle Obama planned to divorce the future president in 2000.


Newsweek Names Obama ‘First Gay President’

President Obama covers Newsweek magazine with the headline "The First Gay President."


Rick Santorum Suspends Campaign—Are You Ready for Romney vs. Obama?

--After much speculation, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has decided to call it quits. In a speech Tuesday afternoon in Gettysburg, PA., Santorum told reporters…


Michelle Obama Says Laughter Is Good For Marriage

The first couple is doing something right because they’ve been married for going on 19 years. While the first couple doesn’t make a big deal…
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