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Welcome Home: Oscar López Rivera Returns To Puerto Rico

After more than three decades in an Indiana prison, Puerto Rico's longest-held political prisoner is finally home.


Bruno Mars Sets The Record Straight About His Puerto Rican Heritage

"I never once said I changed my last name to hide the fact that I’m Puerto Rican. Why would I f**king say that?"


Obama Pardons Puerto Rico’s Longest Incarcerated Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera

Puerto Rico's last and longest-incarcerated prisoner will walk free after 35 years of incarceration.


‘La Borinqueña’ Saves Puerto Rico And Puts On For Latinx Women Everywhere

La Borinqueña gives young girls of color permission to feel belonged.


San Juan Mayor, Rapper Residente And More Push For Oscar López Rivera’s Freedom

The political prisoner has been locked away for over three decades.


Dab! Joan Smalls Ends The Year With Instagram Milestone

With more eyes on her next move, the supermodel is gearing up for a promising 2017.


Residente Built An Album According To His Genetic Ancestry

"I traveled the world discovering sounds and uncovering stories"


Puerto Rican MC Residente Inks Unprecedented Deal With Univision’s Fusion Media

"In a system that cannibalizes true art, this partnership is a real oasis—it places art and creative freedom at its center, and I can’t wait…


‘Party People’ Remembers The Forgotten History Of The Young Lords

The New York City play honors the group's legacy through the eyes of today's generation of activists.


Interview: Otura Mun And ÌFÉ Beckon The Gods With “Umbo (Come Down)”

"It's like a literal translation of mounting or possessing a follower"


White House Petition Demands Obama Free Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera

It has until Dec. 11 to gain all the necessary signatures.
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