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Rebecca Black Takes Over Primetime TV, Makes Appearance On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Sure, she may have just been yanked out of school due to constant harrassament, but that isn't stopping Rebecca Black from getting her shine. This…

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Rebecca Black Yanked Out Of School Due To Constant Harassment

The whole country has something to say about her, so of course her school mates would chime in too. This was inevitable. Via TMZ: Rebecca…

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Watch This: Katy Perry, Rebecca Black Sing ‘Friday’ Duet

Rebecca Black is still #winning, because her 15 minutes has been stretched for at least another hour. She performed her hit "Friday" as a duet…


Youtube Star Rebecca Black Returns With Her Follow Up Video ‘My Moment’

She's the viral video star that just won't go away... Even with her last Youtube megahit getting yanked off the site, Rebecca Black…

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Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Gets Yanked From YouTube

This is a hot mess. But the awesomely bad music video was yanked from YouTube admid a dispute over rights to the song and 13-year-old…