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15 Celebrities You May See At Caribana This Weekend

  Caribana, the festival celebrating Caribbean culture held each summer in Toronto, is only a couple days away. The smorgasbord of…


The Doobie Wrap Up: This Week on Instagram

Beyonce has never been shy about her feminism. Through music and activism the diva has proudly shown her…


Rihanna Stalker Arrested In NYC

Rihanna has remained pretty low key since the World Cup, but not without her own set of troubles. Earlier this week, the singer…


Homeless Man Arrested For Stalking Rihanna In NYC

One Rihanna stalker just wouldn’t let up.


Doing The Math: The History of Hip-Hop Love Triangles

The T.I. and Tiny plus one situation just got messier. On Friday, Floyd held a press conference and it sounded like he said he’d had…


Drake Releases Title of Fourth Album: ‘Views From The 6′

Drake is going from 0 to 100 real quick with news that his fourth studio album already has a title and could be dropping…


Rihanna Clarifies Her #FreePalestine Tweet

Rihanna clarifies her #FreePalenstine tweet, well sort of. She's been known to speak very freely on Twitter but rarely do you…


Rihanna Tweets ‘#FreePalestine’ Then Immediately Deletes It

Politics is a touchy subject for celebs but Waka Flocka Flame, Swizz Beatz, and Tyrese have taken to their social media platforms to speak out…


Vixen Vent: Step It Up, Rihanna

How does one find inspiration to push yourself harder when you’ve already proven that you could seemingly give half the effort and achieve…
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