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Vixen Boombox: Sparkle “Dirty Laundry” [Remix]

Maybe the grass isn't greener on the industry side. Months after R.Kelly remixed Kelly Rowland's transparent song and threw shots at…


NSFW Week: 10 Shocking Sex Scandals In Recent Rap History

Most rappers aren't shy about sharing the intimate details of their sex lives with their listeners. If you press play on just about any rap…


Top Air Force Officials Address Lackland Sex Scandal

Controversy has probed the Air Force after a widespread sex scandal took place at the Lackland Air Base in Texas among 32 basic training instructors…


Third Accuser Steps Forward in “Elmo Sex Case”

Kevin Clash, the former voice of our childhood pal, Elmo, has been involved in a tumultuous scandal that includes sex, lies, and chat lines.

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SpongeBob Voice Actor Gives “Elmo” Advice Amidst Sex Scandal

Amongst his recent sex scandal, Kevin Clash—famous for being the voice of Sesame Street's Elmo—is getting some advice from another fan-favorite, the voice of SpongeBob…

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Kevin Clash’s Accuser Wants To Recants His Recantation

The man who accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of having sex with him when he was a minor has now recanted his recant!

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Elmo Voice Kevin Clash Accused Of Having Sex With Underaged Boy

The man who voices the beloved puppet Elmo on Sesame Street is in a bit of hot water. We have the details after the jump.


Kanye West Fights The Release Of Sex Tape Number 2

What's worse than having a sex tape on the brink of leaking? How about another one dropping immediately after the first—with over 20 more minutes…


America’s Best Dance Crew Judge, Shane Parks Caught Up In Disturbing Sex Scandal

The child molestation case involving America's Best Dance crew ex-judge Shane Sparks just reached another level in WTF! In addition to allegedly sexually abusing at…


Bishop Eddie Long Update: Fox 5’s I-Team Uncovers 5th Accuser In Sex Scandal

Bishop Eddie Long Had Fifth Accuser in Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit:…
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