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Kendrick Lamar On #TakeChargeTuesday With Shaheem Reid

Shaheem Reid sat down with Kendrick Lamar for the latest #TakeChargeTuesday session at this summer's Made in America concert. K. Dot talks about the moment…


The Round Up: Shaheem Reid Interviews Oprah

Shaheem Reid's Life + Times' series 'The Round Up' has featured plenty of rappers in previous episodes. But recently, the veteran journalist had the…


The Round Up: Shaheem Reid Interviews Future (Ep. 5)

In the fourth installment of Shaheem Reid's The Round Up, the esteemed journalist returns to his desk to chop it up with ATL's own, Future.


Shaheem Reid Talks New Life+Times Show ‘The Round Up’

From interning at VIBE to hustling at MTV for a decade, Shaheem Reid's career has come full-circle. But don't expect his résumé to go stagnant.

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Watch Rick Ross’ Official ‘Rich Forever’ Interview

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Shaheem Reid’s 7 Entertainment Picks For The First Half Of Summer

Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time left in the Summer. But at the midway point, veteran writer Shaheem Reid takes a look back…


Blogger’s Circle: The Internets Vote On Whether Jay or Kanye Killed “Otis” The Best

We attempted to meet a consensus on which braggadocious king killed "Otis" the best and came up with this. Now here from a…