Sky Blu


VIBE Premiere: Sky Blu Preps Solo Album With “Oh My” Ft. The Party Squad

Just in time for July 4th, Sky Blu, formerly of Grammy nominated party-boy duo LMFAO, will celebrate his independence with upcoming album, Rebel Music. While…


Q&A: LMFAO’s Sky Blu Flies Solo, Keeps Wilmer Valderrama, Plans To Increase ‘Party Boy’ Reputiation

Sky Blu of Grammy nominated party-boy duo LMFAO has been busy in the studio twerking on a solo album. His his new Latin-meets-EDM single "Salud",…


LMFAO Still A Band Says Sky Blu

For all the mourning fans out there weeping over LMFAO break-up rumors, dry those teary eyes. Sky Blu has released an official statement explaining that…