Thank Me Later


Drake Reunites with ‘Wedding Planner’ Ex in Atlanta

Dust off Drake's debut Thank Me Later and skip to "Karaoke." Remember that wedding planner he wanted to wife up that said his life is…


Drake’s Producer Noah “40” Shebib Explains How They Created Their Sound and Most Personal Records

With all talks of Take Care’s leak aside, Drake’s second full-length album can't come any sooner. The reason Take Care is so sonically…


Drake Speaks On ‘Thank Me Later’ Slip Ups + New Approaches To Soph Album

Rolling Stone recently caught up with Drizzy to see just how Toronto's finest was handling the final laps of his forthcoming sophomore album,…


Celebrity Tumbles (Pg. 8)

No caption needed. Epic fail fall!


Maliah Michel On Linking With Drake: ‘Obviously He Saw Something He Liked’

Cast as the leading lady in the music video for Drake's cinematic love story "Find Your Love," Maliah Michel went from a virtually…


Wildin’ On The Island: Lil Wayne Drops ‘Rikers Remix’ Of Drake And Jay-Z’s ‘Light Up’

With Drake's debut album Thank Me Later now (legally) available everywhere, fans are buzzing about Lil Wayne's through-the-wire remix verse recorded for the Jay-Z collaboration "Light Up."


Drake Explains Why Andre 3000 Turned Him Down; Shows Love To Aaliyah

It’s being called the biggest music release of the year. Indeed, Drake’s major label debut Thank Me Later, which hit shelves today (June…


Tweets Is Talking: Celebrities Respond to Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ Leak

It's finally here. After months of anticipation, Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later, finally leaked to the Internets yesterday—two weeks before its planned June 15…


Jailhouse Rock: 5 Reasons Lil Wayne Needed An iPod In Prison

He might be in jail right now—serving a one-year sentence for a 2007 felony gun possession charge—but Lil Wayne still knows how to make headlines.


5 Reasons Weezy Needed An iPod In Prison (pg. 6)

5. To really punish himself by listening to his Rebirth album, track-for-track, That "good behavior" clause that could allow Wayne to serve as few as…
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