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10 Things You May Not Know About ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a staple television show of the 90s. The silly sitcom was…


More Than Uncle Phil: 7 Other Roles That James Avery Played

When different news outlets started reporting the death of 65-year-old James Avery on Wednesday, you probably had the same exact reaction that everyone else had:…


James Avery, Uncle Phil From ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel AIr,’ Dies At Age 65

Beloved actor James Avery has died after complications following open-heart surgery late Tuesday (Dec. 31), CNN reports.


HBO Signs Popular Webseries ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’

HBO is known for staying fresh and different, even groundbreaking with their network and television series. What better way to maintain that than to…


The Most Stylish TV Characters of All Time

Most women are heavily influenced by style. Who wore what, how she wore it, and who wore it better are all questions a…


Vixen Exclusive: Tatyana Ali Gets Animated in New Late-Night Talk Show

Tatyana Ali is joining the likes of Beyonce by getting animated. The former Fresh Prince of Bel Air  star is taking a…


TV’s Top 5 Lovable Big Sisters

Women on TV haven't always been wives of basketball players or the crazy side-chick of our favorite rappers. In the 90's we saw…

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The Original Aunt Viv Reveals Why She Left ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’

We all remember the original Aunt Viv and her sudden replacement from the hit '90s show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Janet Hubert is…

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15 ’90s Sitcoms That Need A Televised Reunion

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90s Sitcom Ladies: Where Are They Now?

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Tatyana Ali Talks Big Willie Advice, ‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion & ‘Whip My Hair’

What advice did Will give you? Will told me was that essentially there should always be a moral to every story that we tell. A…


Top 10 Best Black Family Sitcoms (Pg. 2)

7. Everybody Hates Chris…