Vanity Fair is finally embracing all of Hollywood’s talent.

This year, half of their three-panel “Annual Hollywood Issue” features well deserving black actors and actresses. Stand out newbie Lupita Nyong’o rocks a… More »


Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Jonah Hill ‘Feel Safe’ On SNL

Jonah Hill – Monologue (Leonardo DiCaprio) SNL… An Oscar nomination may have gotten to Jonah Hill’s head a bit during his Saturday Night Live monologue last night. In an attempt… More »

Jonah Hill is cornering the acting market. … More »

2014 Golden Globe Awards Predictions

The biggest surprise about this batch of Golden Globe Awards nominees is that there were no surprises. No glad-handling and obvious nods to celebrities. As 12 Years a Slave, AmericanMore »


The 2014 BAFTA Award Nominees Are Announced

With popular pundits wondering if the British Academy of Film and Television Arts “influence” the American Academy Awards, it appears that that is not the case, as the films nominated… More »

The Wolf of Wall Street may have folks howling over a new record. The Oscar-nominated movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill uses the word “fuck” about 2.81 times a… More »

Just how many f–ks does it take to make you stop in amazement? … More »


The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ To Become Reality Show?

The real Wolf of Wall Street, named Jordan Belfort, is currently in talks to bring his motivational post-prison life to the small screen. … More »

Acting Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio Is On 50 Cent’s Wishlist

Last night, VIBE Magazine hosted an exclusive screening of Martin Scorsese’s much-anticipated The Wolf of Wall Street. Over 200 influencers, tastemakers, and journalists packed the AMC 19th Street Theater to… More »


Pervasive drug use; violent gunplay; brazen double crosses; battles against the FBI; illegal money-making schemes; bloody beat downs. It all sounds like scenes taken from legendary director Martin Scorsese’s landmark… More »

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese Considers Retirement

For the past fifty years, filmmaker Martin Scorsese has given movie fans classic cinematic offering — and that’s not even mentioning the various other projects he’s put out in that… More »

The 25 Best Movie Plots Of 2013

You know when you’re really enjoying a movie. You’re deeply engaged in the subject and lost in the moment, forgetting that you’re sitting in a packed theater munching on Whoppers. More »


Although it’s not the same as the first trailer, powered by Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead,” DiCaprio and co. want you to know that they get money for real. … More »