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Tiger Woods Voices Uncertainty Of Future In Golf With TIME Magazine

Tiger Woods might call it quits any day now as he tells TIME his recent struggles of trying to recover from his second back surgery.


Tiger Woods Is Missing A Tooth, Thanks To A Cameraman

When Tiger Woods showed up in Italy to surprise his girlfriend ski racer Lindsey Vonn today (Jan. 19) as she snagged her record-breaking 63rd World…


Celebrites React To Stuart Scott’s Death

January 4, 2015 ESPN announced the sports broadcasting world lost one of its legends to cancer. Once the word of 49 year-old Stuart…


The Three Greatest Sports Moments Of The Last 20 Years According to Stuart Scott

As part of VIBE's 20th Anniversary issue we asked Stuart Scott to name his top three sports moments of the past 20 years. It was…


Chris Brown + 11 Celebs That Despise TMZ and Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin is probably the most hated man in Hollywood. Thanks to his overbearing site, TMZ, he's impenitently exposed some of the most…


15 Celebrity Love Triangles We’ll Never Forget

Are they or aren't they? That's the question everyone is asking Nelly, Ashanti and video model turned actress Tae Heckard whose love triangle…


7 Craziest Celebrity Prenups

Getting married is cheap, but a potential divorce is costly and if you're  famous, it can be ridiculously outlandish without a prenuptial agreement.


Most Expensive Celebrity Divorce Settlements

Being in love can be synonymous with foolishness. Many times we think with our hearts and forget to think with our head which can…


Coffee Talk: Shaquille O’Neal and YouTube Star Face Off in Shooting Contest

Some say Shaquille O'Neal isn't the best free-throw shooter. This assumption was made true on Thursday (June 6) when the retired baller took…


The 10 Most Game-Changing Athletes Since ’93

VIBE's Big List Issue soldiers on with our ranking of the 10 Most Game-Changing Athletes. These fearless competitors did more than break records. They redefined…


Kris Humphries Was Lindsey Vonn’s First Choice?

Kris Humphries and Lindsey Vonn? It almost happened - until Tiger Woods showed up.


Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer Fight Off Thugs?

Tiger Woods' tumultuous fall from grace may as well be a distant memory in the golfer's historic career.


Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Announce Relationship

Nothing validates a relationship more these days than a social media update, and according to Facebook, there's a new lady in Tiger Woods'
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