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Best Friend Forever: Celebrity Besties We Love

Every woman needs that one best friend who is there at the drop of a dime, checks you when you're wrong, inspires you…


Toya Wright Denies Bad Blood With Tiny Harris

Rumors have been circulating for a minute that there was trouble brewing between gal pals Toya Wright and Tameka 'Tiny' Harris, but during…


Reality TV Recap: Is That You T.I.?

We watched Tiny prepare for her Alzheimer’s benefit all season. Last night, her hard work finally came to fruition. Tiny and T.I. created…


Reality TV Recap: OMG Girlz Get It Together, Memphitz Meets Reginae

Tiny was worried about moving forward with the OMG Girlz as a group because of their inconsistent performance, but they had a show at a…


Reality TV Recap: Toya Flirts With Another Industry Dude

On last night's episode, Toya does a sexy photoshoot for her website launch and taps into her inner vixen. Feeling more confident about herself, she…


Reality TV Recap: Tiny Vs. Daughter, Toya Becomes A Stylist

Spell check is barely complete on Toya’s book proposal and she’s already pursuing another one of her interests⎯fashion. She met with a fashion consultant/designer to…


Reality TV Recap: Toya Gains More Independence, Tiny Comes Out of Retirement

Despite the hate that Tiny & Toya gets for supposedly being "ghetto," both women represent two extremely relatable facets of womanhood that a lot of…


Reality TV Recap: Toya Struggles With Book; Tiny’s Dad’s Condition Gets Worse

TINY & TOYA In last night's episode, Toya finds herself struggling to get her book published because agents want tell-all scandal about Lil…
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