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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are The Same Age

We've already discovered the celebrity dobblegangers, but you'd be surprised to know how many are also the same age. While some celebrities have…


5 Reasons To See Edge Of Tomorrow Starring Tom Cruise

Every science fiction movie has one goal: get the audience emotionally involved in the film long enough to think ‘shit, this could actually happen.’ Take…


Celebrities That Never Won an Oscar

Attaining an Oscar is like holding gold in its purest form. All other award shows seem minuscule compared to this profound and well…

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‘Man Of Steel’ Henry Cavill Eyes ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’

With Tom Cruise opting out of the Guy Ritchie action-flick, it seems like taking over the role will be a job for Superman... aka Henry…

Movies & TV

Tom Cruise To Star, Produce ‘Mission Impossible 5′

Tom Cruise's seeks to replace one of his highest grossing movies with another installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.


Spotted: Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym, Angelina Jolie, Plus More Celebs Out And About

April 5, 2013: Baby weight won't keep Kim Kardashian from her workout plan. Here, the future mom arrives at the Tracy Anderson gym in Los…


Tom Cruise, Cher Dated? Cher Says It Was Love

It's old news, but still pretty wacky: Tom Cruise and Cher dated in the 1980s for a brief spell, and the legendary diva claims it…


Katie Holmes Dating Again?

It's not easy to get back on the dating scene after a divorce from actor Tom Cruise.


Tom Cruise Swatted: Actor Victim of Prank

Tom Cruise was the victim of a pretty serious prank this week - the actor was "swatted," but not exactly how you think.
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