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December 3rd Vixens: Celebs That Share Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to all the Sagittarius born today (December 3rd)! It’s the one day of the year where it’s all about you… and whoever…


Trina Braxton Files For Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Trina Braxton is the next celeb heading down the aisle of divorce. Fans were no stranger to Trina and Gabe's marital…


From The VIBE Guides: Trina Braxton Talks Business and Must-Go-To Spots in ATL and LA

Trina Braxton's values are centered around hard work. Not only is Toni's younger sister a reality star on We TV's "Braxton Family Values," she's prepping…


From the VIBE Guide: Trina Braxton’s Favorite Shops & Restaurants in Atlanta & New York

Actress/singer Trina Braxton comes from a family of strong women who know all the ins and outs of the industry. As a cast member of…


Phone Jack: Trina Braxton Shows Us Her Cellphone Pics

Today, Guest Editor Trina Braxton gives readers a sneak peek into personal photos from her phone in a special edition of "Phone Jack." Click…


Editor of the Day: Trina Braxton’s Favorite Sisterly Bonds

The Braxtons Simply because, our sisterhood and our bond is very unconditional. Our Mother raised us to be a unit at all times…


Guest Editor Trina Braxton Clears Up Divorce Rumors & Talks Upcoming Season

As a new season of WE tv's Braxton Family Values kicks off, many fans are excited to see the drama, laughter, and trials of the…


Guest Editor Trina Braxton: To Weave or Not To Weave, That Is the Question

Oh what a tangled weave, that weave, you’re trying to practice to deceive." You ever wonder why wearing hair extensions got a bad rep? It’s…


Letter From the Editor: Trina Braxton

Hey Boom Boom’s! It’s Queen Trina "Boom Boom" Braxton from WE tv’s Braxton Family Values checking in, and I’m super excited to be’s…
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