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Chase N. Cashe Recruits Hit-Boy And More For ‘The Heir Up There’ Sequel

Chase N. Cashe is destined to prove his rhymes can measure up to his melodic talent behind the boards. The New Orleans MC and producer…


Let’s All Settle Down: Troy Ave And Joey Bada$$ Trade Subs On Twitter Over Album Sales

Whatever happened to spread love it's the Brooklyn way?


Troy Ave Argues About His Album Sales With HOT97

Troy Ave is cool with the slow grind.

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Despite What You Heard, Troy Ave’s ‘Major Without A Deal’ Numbers Aren’t Totally True

It looks like the Brooklyn rapper just might have the last laugh.

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Troy Ave Debut ‘Major Without A Deal’ Sells Under 4,500 Copies

Troy Ave's numbers aren't looking major


Troy Ave, Fabolous And Jadakiss Don’t Need Any Assistance On ‘Do Me No Favors’

Troy Ave, Fabolous and Jadakiss don't need any help.


Troy Ave Gets Braggadocios On The 50 Cent Assisted ‘Bang Bang’

This collaboration was bound to happen.

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Troy Ave Finds Joy All Over New York City In His ‘Doo Doo’ Video

Troy Ave partnered with Beats By Dre for his joyful "Doo Doo" video.


Watch Troy Ave’s ‘Doo Doo’ Video

Representing for New York.


Fat Joe And Troy Ave Push Powder On ‘How You Love Dat’

Last year, Joey Crack spread love to Brooklyn's Troy Ave while clowning skateboard rappers. So it was just a matter of time before the two…


Fat Joe And Troy Ave Flaunt Their Lavish Lifestyles On ‘How U Love Dat’

Fat Joe has been living the good life and flaunts it in everyone's face on the Troy Ave assisted "How U Love Dat."


Troy Ave Defecates On All The Haters With New Single ‘Doo-Doo’

Troy Ave doesn't usually let the haters get to him. He's too busy making hits. But the Brooklyn emcee felt the need to address those…
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