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A Tale Of Two Timelines: How Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Tweeting Their Way Through Divorce

In The Divorce No One Saw Coming, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa called it quits last month after the rapper…


Week In Tweets: Will.i.Am Slams United Airlines, Ariana Grande’s Account Gets Hacked… Sorta

This week on Celebrity Twitter, Will.i.Am is just like us and vents about a bad flight, Chrissy Teigen attempts to live-tweet a Britney Spears movie,…


Amber Rose Accuses Wiz Khalifa Of Cheating

With the rumor mill churning out cheating stories left and right in the Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa divorce saga, it looks like things may get…


Week In Tweets: Rita Ora Can’t Stop Farting, Lil B Makes An App

This week on Celebrity Twitter, Rita Ora has a gas problem, Chrissy Teigen has some guidelines for shit-talking on Instagram, and Diddy preaches the art…


Rihanna Clarifies Her #FreePalestine Tweet

Rihanna clarifies her #FreePalenstine tweet, well sort of. She's been known to speak very freely on Twitter but rarely do you…


Most Hilarious Dequan Tweets

Who is Dequan and why does he have all these young, white girls yelling at their parents? Chances are you were wondering…


TMI: Slim Thug Pees His Pants

TMI! Houston native Slim Thug may not have had any recent hits but his tweets have lots of people talking and laughing. Yesterday (June…


The Funniest #ThingsThatMakeYouMad Tweets

If you live for trending topics like us, then you know we had to catch the #ThingsThatMakeYouMad wave. Last week #ThingsIHateAboutPeople had everyone dishing on…


15 Interesting Celeb Favorited Tweets

People tweet the darndest things, but what makes 140 characters worth a "favorite"? Unlike the irksome Facebook poke, Twitter favoriting is a discreet way of…
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