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This Morning News Team Attempted To Do The Whip And Nae Nae And… At Least They Tried

After trying to do the latest dance craze sweeping the nation, one news anchor simply said, "I just feel awkward and white right now."


Swedes Gone Wild: Crazy Bachelor Party Goes Viral

  You thought that U.S bachelor parties were wild? Well check out what happens at a Swedish stag do—but be warned…


Schoolboy Finds Perfect Way to Block Out the Haters

Haters beware. We’ve all had people in our lives who feel like they have to knock us down just to make themselves feel…


Trend for a Cause: Ice Bucket Challenge

This is one silly trend we approve of—the ice bucket challenge sees people throwing buckets of ice cold water on themselves in order to…


Mugshot of Handsome Criminal Jeremy Meeks Goes Viral

If you have been on any social media platform this week, then you have definitely seen this image floating around. It's a picture of…


Bill Murray Crying Baby Photo Goes Viral

There's a reason why "Bill Murray crying baby" is trending online - a Bill Murray crying baby photo is the best way to get past…


‘Treadmill Dance’ Video Going Viral

A treadmill dance video is going viral - as if you need any more reason to feel bad at the gym.


‘Newborn’ 13-Year-Old Photo Becomes Viral Sensation

One loving family's simple way of expressing their kinship became a viral hit this week—all in thanks to a set of photos.


Naked eBay Seller Photo Mishaps Go Viral

Nothing like eBay to show off your goodies.
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