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CNN Partners With BuzzFeed On YouTube Channel

BuzzFeed and CNN are looking to take over YouTube with their new channel devised to be all-viral, all the time. Will you tune into the…

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Watch: The First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Arrested Development’

The final countdown to Arrested Development being available for streaming on Netflix has begun with the release of the show's first trailer!

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Brooklyn MC Joell Ortiz Makes Debut In Web Comedy, ‘East WillyB’

The SlaughterHouse MC joins this critically-acclaimed cast to make his acting debut in this latest episode of East WillyB.

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YouTube Star Antoine Dodson Renounces His Homosexuality

The flamboyant YouTube star renounced his association to homosexuality and, once again, got in front of the media to discuss "praying the gay" away. Antoine…

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Watch: The First Episode Of Issa Rae’s New Series ‘How Men Become Dogs’

This very funny and very illustrated web series comes with colorful commentary from a male perspective that needs to be expressed on the internet.

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WATCH: ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Season 2 Finale

With part one of a two-part series finale already in the books, J has her plate full as a new twist reveals itself at Gutbusters.