How To Identify The Male Slut

The idea of going exclusive has been around way before Diddy made this band but in this day and age, polygamy seems to be…


Dating The Non-Monogamist Male: Signs He’s Really Just A Slut

In case you haven’t noticed, being all meh about monogamy is quite the rage now. Maybe it’s the age of hyper-stimulation or the…


Tested And Proven: Her Official Guide To Determining His Size Down There (Bookmark This!)

-- I’ve been wondering why women are so obsessed with the size of his penis. It doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not the sex will be good. It…


Whip It Out! Confessions Of A Professional Penis Previewer

From WWMD -- As we’ve all learned from personal case studies, the "He Got Some Big Feet" Theory means… He got some big feet.


Un-Sloppy Seconds: A Case For Dating Your Friend’s Ex

From WWMD -- Let me preface this blog with a quick, but tricky request: muzzle up your pretty little ego.


Pretty Boy PSA: Why Women Everywhere Are Beginning To Loathe You

-- Dear Pretty Boys, Please don’t take offense to the title above, I just needed to catch your attention luvs. I’m…


4 Love Lessons We Learned (So Far) From Nas’ New Album “Life Is Good”

-- Is anything you’re doing brand new? Good, cause 2012′s a year of self-realization and self-activation. Maturing perspectives are making crappy old things look shiny and…


4 Love Lessons We Learned (So Far) From Nas’ New Album ‘Life Is Good’

Nas has been dropping knowledge in our ears for over a decade now, so it's no surprise that he's already schoolin' us on love…


The Art (And Importance) Of A Good Mind F-ck

From WWMD -- There’s something about mind f-cking. I’m sure many of my fellow ovary owners will cosign that this is a foreplay must-have. The mess-free…
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