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Wiz Khalifa ‘DayToday: 420′

DayToday: 420 The The Taylor Gang invades Denver for 420. Subscribe for new episodes from Wiz Khalifa every Wednesday at 8pm ET Directed, shot, and…


Lil’ Wayne Smokes The World’s Biggest Joint in Weezy Wednesday 8

Weezy is pro-marijuana to say the least. While potheads across the nation fight to have pot legalized for recreational use in their perspective states, Lil’…


Rihanna Celebrates 420 [Photos]

In usual Rihanna fashion, she celebrates 4/20 with strippers, dollar bills and plenty of greenery. BadGalRiRi may have canceled a few show dates due to laryngitis,…


VIBE TV: Portable Vaporizers Are the New Smoking Trend

From the G-Pen to Pax, more rappers are turning to vaporizers when it comes to paraphernalia preference. The Game already has his name on one…


Snoop Lion 420 Festival Gets Busted by the Cops

The cops shutdown Snoop Lion 420 Festival, an impromptu smoke-out taking place in a Hollywood Hills mansion this afternoon after neighbors complained about traffic and…


WATCH: Snoop Dogg Rolls A Blunt in Honor of 4/20

Streetwear brand HUF teamed up with hip-hop's most notorious weed smoker for a 30-second clip, to wish their fans and supporters a "Happy 4/20." I…


Flatbush Zombies’ 5 Tips To Have The Best 4/20

If you are going to partake in today's 4/20 festivities, you might as well listen to some advice from D.R.U.G.S. experts like the Flatbush Zombies.


420 Jam Sesh: 10 Weed Inspired Genre Benders

It's Friday, you ain't got no job (or even if you do), tomorrow is every blunt-stuffing, bong-hitting, stoners' favorite day of the year...4/20! Let's pack…


Snoop Dogg Has Life-Changing Experience in Jamaica

Rap icon and King of the marijuana nation Snoop Dogg is sending all weed smokers a very special message in this video, brought to you by Vice…


Is Smoking Weed the New Sexy?

Since Rihanna blasted onto the Instagram scene, she has flooded headlines with her photos,…


420 Special: Smoke Dza Recalls The First Time He Met Mary Jane

Sure, lots of rappers claim to be in love with Mary Jane, but how many can remember their first time being with her. Harlem's resident…


Happy 4/20!: 9 Closet Celebrity Stoners

Very few would act surprised to catch their favorite MC with a spliff hanging from his or her lips. Marijuana is almost as integral to…


Snoop Dogg Smokes Out The Big Apple on 4/20

Snoop Dogg floated into New York City on his favorite day of the year. Celebrating the national weed smoker's holiday known as 4/20, The Doggfather…