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Is John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ A Modern Classic? Chrissy Teigen Answers

Chrissy Teigen is way more than just the perfect trophy wife.


Watch: John Legend Performs “All Of Me” At 2014 Grammys

It’s official: all John Legend has to do is wear a suit, sit behind a piano and sing, and we will all be blown away.


Watch: John Legend Performs ‘All Of Me’ At New York’s Standard Hotel

Guests received a pleasant treat when R&B singer John Legend performed his love ballad, “All Of Me,” last night (Jan. 23), at New York City’…


Chrissy Teigen Poses Nude for John Legend ‘All of Me’ Video [Photo]

Chrissy Teigen's no stranger to stripping down for sexy photo shoots, but are we ready to see it in reel time?


Watch: John Legend Performs ‘All of Me’ On Letterman

John Legend graced the stage of The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday for a beautiful rendition of his single “All of Me” from hi…


25 Mixed Twitter Reactions To Drake’s ‘All Me’

Don't bother telling Drake he's not the greatest right now. His latest buzz track, "All Me," per usual, comes stacked with quotables and a…