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Did Jay Z and Beyoncé Stage #ElevatorGate?

We all looked on in horror (and humor) as we watched Solange try to drop-kick her beloved bro-in-law during the 2014 Met Gala in April.


Urban Legends: Hip-Hop’s 13 Wildest Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are nothing new to the hip-hop community. It's one of the reasons we're not particularly surprised to see the Guru situation go dow…


13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 7)

Conspiracy #12: NYPD police officers planted evidence on Ol' Dirty Bastard in order to arrest him so often The Theory: ODB actually made this one…


13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 6)

Conspiracy #10: The government entrapped T.I. on gun charges The Theory: Know why Michael Vick and T.I. were arrested? If you believe David Banner, it'…


13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 5)

Conspiracy #8: Pimp C didn't die because of sleep apnea The Theory: Though the UGK legend was found to be in possession of a bottle…


13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 4)

Conspiracy #6: Someone out there is writing all of Lil Wayne's raps The Theory: Drake? Gillie da Kid? A group of 14-year-old kids that don't…


13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 3)

Conspiracy #4: The music industry has plotted against DMX to destroy his career The Theory: Again with the Illuminati! A documentary called Destroying DMX that…


13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 2)

Conspiracy #1: Tupac Shakur is still alive... somewhere The Theory: Despite the fact that 2Pac was shot four times in Las Vegas in a drive-by…