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Saul Williams On The Baltimore Riots: ‘We Had a Growing List of Young Martyrs’

The poet and activist shares an excerpt from his tour diary.

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Fox Cancels ‘Cops’ After 25 Years; Spike TV Picks It Up

For those unfamiliar with Color of Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing Black America's political voice, you can thank them for successfully getting Co…


Cops Leaving Fox Network After 25 Years

Bad boys, bad boys... where you gonna go? Cops is leaving the Fox Network after 25 years, and the future for the show is o…


7-Year-Old Handcuffed and Interrogated For 10 Hours Over $5

A 7-year-old zipped past the principal's office and straight to the police station after being charged with robbery over a playground scuffle that occurred i…


Questions Arise After Shooting of 68-Year-Old Ex-Marine

Answers are being sought after White Plains police shot and killed former marine and Winbrook Houses resident Kenneth Chamberlain. 68-year-old Chamberlain, who was a Marine Cor…